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Direct Access to App. 25,000 plus Students

As all the Directors of the Company are associated with the prestigious colleges/institutions of Gujarat University and other Institutes, they have access to more than 25,000 students studying in Gujarat University at undergraduate, graduate and Post Graduate level's

Qualified Professional in charge -

Prof. Manish Jhaveri, Chartered Accountant, with professional approach.

Well Equipped Office set up with Six professional and qualified Student Counsellors

Office Space of 5000 Sq. Ft.

Separate Presentation room

Separate Display area and reading section Classroom for IELTS Coaching and practice

Over 1500+ Brand Ambessador across the globe Our 1500+ Satisfied Students

Presence in Education Consultancy field since 1999

Our Service Philosophy

To stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment, it is essential for a firm to hold on to a certain lasting values. We have evolved certain principles.

To ensure that students are provided with a consistent quality of service and sound professional advice, our target/achievement lies in the satisfaction of our clients.

To create, in staff, an awareness of quality at all stages of an assignment. To ensure that decisions are taken quickly and efficiently.

We accomplish this not only through the experience of our professional staff but also by matching specific expertise to the assignment in hand.

What Our Students Say