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Counselling is the golden key to success for any education consultant. The appropriate and unbiased counselling certainly helps the students not to deviate from their part and stop ruining. Looking at this, the company has set its motto to adhere to ethical practices in counselling. It is very important to have first hand knowledge about the country and the education provided by different institutions. Uniworld lays heavy emphasis on procuring maximum information regarding the country and the institutions it is representing by making frequent visits to these universities and interacting with the faculties.

Extensive knowledge and experience of all universities that we deal with around the globe is also a result of:

  • Personal meeting with staff of International office and admission officers
  • Touring the university campuses
  • Exploring the environments for the ‘Indian’ requirements

These researches help the company in properly counselling its students about what to expect from these places.

Major exhibitions and presentation programs are organized in all its offices throughout the year where all the course material and information of the universities is given and explained. Serious up to date information is circulated among the students.

Further as a Chartered Accountant we understand Financial Requirements of the respective High Commission and are able to guide students accordingly. We also help students in assessing different sources of Finance.

The directors‘ vast knowledge of foreign education system greatly helps them in building up confidence in the students and guiding them on deciding their career path.

Unique Way Of Counselling

All prospective students who contact Uniworld for the first time are invited for a two hour presentation wherein first hand knowledge about the importance of overseas education, procedural requirement, requirement in English proficiency, general information about studying overseasand expenses is provided. Students who are keen to go abroad for further studies and who wish to be counselled in more detailare then invited forone-to-one counselling.

The students’ academic background, English proficiency and aptitude are assessed. On the basis of this information, our Admission Counsellors offer options in courses as well as information about the profile of the institutions. Students are also provided with information about admission proceduresof various colleges and universities and Language Proficiency exams (IELTS, PTE,TOEFL). Institutes that match the student’s profile are then short listed.

When the students admission procedure is underway, they are invited for visa presentation where all the important documents required for visa are explained. They are also provided with samples of necessary documents and assisted in preparing their files.

The final and the most important part is the orientation programme, which is conducted after the students get their visas. All crucial points related to important areas are covered in this programme. Besides, the students are also guided on vital matters like what they should carry, information about international flights, airport pick up, how to look for accommodation, part-time jobs, transportation, banking, immigration laws, taxation, medical facilities, food, university facilities and so on. All students attending the orientation programme are thus provided with an opportunity to get to know each other well.

The initial three months are very crucial for all students regardless of their age. Uniworld makes sure that they are well informed and taken care of even after reaching abroad. The orientation programme provides necessary support to the students.