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IELTS – International English Language Testing System

  • The examination is of Paper based that takes 2 hour and 45 minutes to complete.
  • The IELTS test structure consists of two test formats: Academic and General Training. Listening and Speaking sections are same in both the formats, whereas Reading and Writing sections are different.
  • Academic Module : The results of this module is to determine a candidate’s suitability for study at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • General Module : The results of this module is suitable for candidates who want to go for Immigration purpose in proficiency by majority of all education establishments in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand.
  • Scores from Band 1 to 9 are given to candidates.
Bands score range Level
Band 9 Expert User
Band 8 Very Good User
Band 7 Good User
Band 6 Competent User
Band 5 Modest User
Band 4 Limited User
Band 3 Extremely Limited User
Band 2 Intermittent User
Band 1 Non User

LISTENING 4 sections (MCQ, Diagram , Table & sentence Completion) 4 sections (MCQ, Diagram , Table & sentence Completion) 30 minutes
SPEAKING 3 parts (Introduction, Cue-card, Counter-Question) 3 parts (Introduction, Cue-card, Counter-Question) 11-14 minutes
READING 3 Long Reading Passages 3 Passages- First Two With Small Text And Third Has Long Passage But Easier Than Academic 60 minutes
WRITING Task 1-Graph/Chart (150 Words)
Task 2-Essay (250 Words)
Task 1- Letter (150 Words)
Task 2- Essay (250 Words)
60 minutes